Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Ticker: $KOI

KOI Contract Address: 0x8df5066Cf67D909eB67B82854cf54026d31fFFAE

The KOI tokenomics are split up in the following way:

34% for the LBP Launch

The largest portion, comprising 34% of the KOI token supply, is designated for the LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) launch. This allocation ensures a robust and well-supported token launch, fostering liquidity and stability from the outset.

23% committed for providing liquidity

23% is allocated to providing liquidity, acknowledging the crucial role it plays in maintaining a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

18% to the team

18% of the KOI token supply is allocated to the team, acknowledging their dedication and contributions to the growth and success of the KoiPond project.

10% to the treasury, to be used for growing the KoiPond project

10% is reserved for the treasury, earmarked to fuel the ongoing expansion and development of the KoiPond project. This ensures a stable financial foundation for the project's continued evolution and enhancement.

15% for marketing and airdrops to the community

Recognizing the importance of community engagement, 15% is allocated for marketing initiatives and airdrops to the community. This proactive approach not only promotes the KoiPond project but also rewards and involves the community in its growth.

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