🪙What is a BRC20 token?

History of BRC20

BRC20 tokens were created in March 2023 by @domodata, as a way to inscribe data -or tokens- onto a sat (a small amount of Bitcoin). While DeFi has soared on the Ethereum network, Bitcoin, constrained by its technological limitations, has long awaited a transformative breakthrough — and that moment has arrived.

BRC20 tokens represent a groundbreaking leap, opening the door to borrowing and lending, flash loans, insurance, and a myriad of other possibilities on the Bitcoin blockchain. This marks a pivotal shift in the landscape, unlocking the latent potential of Bitcoin for advanced financial operations.

How does KoiPond benefit the BRC20 ecosystem?

Enter the KoiPond Launchpad, your gateway to seamlessly enter the BRC20 ecosystem. By facilitating BRC20 token launches on EVM chains, the KoiPond Launchpad provides a user-friendly interface for users to dive into this groundbreaking space. These tokens can then be effortlessly bridged or converted on the Bitcoin blockchain, unleashing the power of BRC20 innovations on the world's foremost cryptocurrency.

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