What is KoiPond?

KoiPond is the first community driven BRC20 launchpad.

KoiPond proudly stands as the pioneer in the realm of community-driven BRC20 launchpads, offering investors an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the exciting world of early-stage BRC20 crypto projects before they make their public debut. At the heart of this groundbreaking experience is the strategic integration of our native asset, the KOI token.

What sets KoiPond apart is not just its mission, but the cutting-edge technologies that underpin its foundation. We seamlessly integrate the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to orchestrate a token allocation process that is not only fair but also more accessible and transparent than ever before.

KOI, the native utility token, serves as the key to unlocking a multitude of benefits:

  • Wrap KOI to dKOI, to commit dKOI and participate in BRC20 launchpad offerings, amplifying your investment potential.

  • Engage in community incentives, forging a dynamic and participatory ecosystem.

  • Exercise governance votes, empowering KOI holders to shape the future trajectory of KoiPond.

What sets KoiPond apart

  • Pioneering a fairer launch and token distribution model, placing transparency and accessibility at the forefront. Unlike other launchpads which benefit bots and whales, KOI's unique distribution model ensures everyone gets their fair share.

  • Unparalleled BRC20 connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with a diverse array of projects.

  • A community-driven launchpad, amplifying incentives for KOI holders and fostering a sense of collective ownership.

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Contract Address: 0x8df5066Cf67D909eB67B82854cf54026d31fFFAE

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