What is dKOI?

dKOI is a wrapped version of KOI.

In order for users to participate in an upcoming token sale, they must first wrap their KOI. Participants can wrap their KOI here: https://koipond.fi/wrap

Benefits of dKOI:

  • 5% of all wrapping and unwrapping fees (in KOI) will be BURNED! 🔥

  • Fees will also be shared amongst KOI stakers and LP providers (coming soon 👀)

You can read more about dKOI on our medium article: https://medium.com/@koipondlaunchpad/introducing-dkoi-5bf272f7c7eb

Note: If you participated in our Fjord LBP but did not claim your KOI tokens before our token migration (20 Jan 2024), please contact us on our telegram.

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