⚖️How does KoiPond ensure fair launches?

KoiPond is committed to ensuring fair and equitable launches through:

1. Proportional Allocation

The Proportional Allocation Mechanism allocates BRC20 tokens to users proportionally based on their individual commitments relative to the total commitment. This means that users who contribute more dKOI tokens will receive a proportionally larger share of the BRC20 token, reflecting their level of support for the project.

2. Mitigation of Whale Advantage

The Proportional Allocation Mechanism ensures that every user, regardless of their financial standing, receives tokens in accordance with their committed share relative to the total commitment. The oversubscription control further prevents whales from monopolizing the entire allocation, maintaining a level playing field for users with varying degrees of financial influence.

3. Refund Mechanism

Users who contribute beyond the fundraising goal receive a refund proportional to their excess commitment. This ensures that users are not penalized for contributing more than needed, promoting transparency and fairness in the fundraising process.

4. Protection Against Bot Interference

KoiPond provides a safeguard against unfair practices such as bot interference during the token launch. Bots, if left unchecked, could exploit the system by rapidly committing tokens, monopolizing the allocation, and leaving genuine users without a fair opportunity to participate. By employing our Proportional Allocation Model, KoiPond is able to limit the impact of bots.

5. Equal Access

KoiPond empowers universal participation in the sale of BRC20 tokens. Harnessing the strength of our expansive community, BRC20 projects can secure funding on KoiPond without relying on exclusive insider presales. This dynamic in turn benefits the KoiPond community, who are able to participate in early BRC20 launches.

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