🚀Project Launch

Benefits of launching your project on KoiPond

  1. Fair and Inclusive Launch: KoiPond employs mechanisms like our Proportional Allocation Model, ensuring a fair and inclusive token launch. This means that contributors of varying financial capacities have an equal opportunity to participate.

  2. Community Support: KoiPond boasts a robust and engaged community. Launching on KoiPond allows projects to tap into this supportive network, fostering a sense of community ownership and attracting early adopters who actively contribute to the project's growth.

  3. Anti-Bot Measures: KoiPond implements measures to protect against bot interference during token sales. This safeguards the allocation process, preventing bots from unfairly acquiring a significant portion of tokens and ensuring a more level playing field for genuine contributors.

  4. Marketing and Launch support: KoiPond harnesses its reputation, extensive network, and social media channels to amplify support for each launch on the platform.

How do I contact KoiPond?

For projects interested in launching on KoiPond kindly fill out this form: https://forms.gle/6GtirmqT6gEqW5dz9

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