🥳What makes KoiPond unique?

1. We are the FIRST community-driven launchpad

This means more decision making power for token holders, who will be able to vote on future proposals and benefit from community incentives.

2. Community-first, and we mean it

This meant having a fair LBP launch with NO presale or VC round. This means NO dumping on the community.

Unlike other launchpads, who utilize a first-come-first-served protocol, which benefits early investors (most often, insiders or friends of the team), KoiPond uses a unique Proportional Allocation Mechanism which distributes tokens more fairly and helps to reduce the chance of bot attacks.

3. Fair and honest launches

KoiPond ensures fair and equitable BRC20 token launches with proportional allocation, anti-whale mechanisms, and anti-bot measures. Our mission is to enable equal access for all participants, fostering a transparent and inclusive environment during token launches.

4. Easy to use

We have developed an intuitive and easy to use platform that allows users to easily participate in the sale of BRC20 tokens, without having to own a BRC20 wallet or bridge funds outside of ERC20.

5. Tokenomics

The team is constantly developing new ways for people to use their KOI so that there is less supply on the liquid market. This includes our special Proportional Allocation Mechanism, where a significant amount of KOI is constantly being committed and used.

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